Fysiikan tutkimusryhmät

Biophysics of Bone and Cartilage

Biophysics of bone and cartilage laboratories present NIR, OCT and mechanical testing equipment.

During the visit, it is also explained how these methods and CT and MRI can be used in the study of bone and articular cartilage.

Biomedical ultrasound/Biomedical optical imaging and ultrasound laboratory

The laboratory focuses on biomedical optical imaging and ultrasound research. The laboratory facilities are used by Optical Imaging team (Associate Professor Tanja Tarvainen) in Inverse Problems group and by Biomedical Ultrasound group (Professor Kullervo Hynynen). In addition to research of pure optical and ultrasound imaging and therapy methods, research on hybrid techniques optoacoustics and acousto-optics is taking place.

Aerosol Physics

The research carried out in the Aerosol Physics Group is focused on atmospheric aerosols, a key for understanding climate change. The group studies how atmospheric aerosols form and the role they play in the Earth’s climate. The group has a unique capability of integrating laboratory and outdoor measurements with theories and models in order to understand and predict the impacts of human-caused and natural changes on climate. . The Aerosol Physics Group is part of the The Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science – From Molecular and Biological processes to The Global Climate.

Motion Laboratory

In the Motion Laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics you will get first hand experience on motion analysis techniques used in biomechanics research. The methods allow studying human movement and estimation of internal forces acting on different tissues. These techniques are used for example to understand etiology of diffenrent musculoskeletal conditions, improve rehabilitation or to optimize sports performance.

Pharmaceutical Physics Research Group

Despite the name of “Pharmaceutical Physics”, the group is doing research on wide topics related to material science and nanotechnology. Most of the research concerns nanoporous silicon based materials and their applications. The specific interests are to use the materials for drug delivery and imaging, for waste water treatment and to develop it as a new materials for Li-ion batteries. The group has also specialized for utilization of different analysis techniques, such as thermal analysis, electron microscopy, X-ray and spectroscopic techniques to study properties of nanomaterials.

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